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Rif. 1384 Property consisting in two house with garden - LUNIDOMUS


On the edge of a characteristic village property consisting in two houses with gardens.

The first consists of a detached stone house on three levels with on ground floor cellars, on first floor large living room, bathroom and closet, on first floor large courtyard with wood stove, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and panoramic balcony. The second consists of a semi detached house on two levels with on ground floor cellar; on first floor living room with fireplace, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and single bedroom.

The two units are connected by a little nice garden. Great views over the valley. In a sunny and quiet location. At 35 minutes from motorway.

€ 170.000                                                                Location: Lunigiana


  • Rif.: 1384 
  • Sq.m.: 170 + 70 
  • Garden/Land: 250 

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